Website References

General Reference: The official website of the Python programming language.

Style Guide for Python Code

Learning Python (5th Edition), by Mark Lutz - Working through Learning Python is how I learned Python. It provides clear instruction on everything necessary to get you up and running with the Python interpreter, and then writing your own code.

Third Party Packages and Modules:

Appscript: (Depreciated but still useful as of Mac OS 10.7)

Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages

OS Specific:


Resolution of the pervasive OS X Tcl/Tk issues

AppleScript for Excel - Useful for implementing Python in OS X via open scripting architecture (OSA).

Getting started on the Mac.


win32 reference, ActiveState Docs

Python for Windows

Standard Coding Techniques:

Naming Conventions

Forum and Community Resources: