Module Name Imported Built-in and Standard 3rd-party Objects Module Path (link to code) Version Module Description Classes Methods and Functions
__init__ ar/file_apps/ No version info File Applications Package. Houses modules that contain classes and functions for tasks suited to file manipulation and parsing.
__init__ ar/gen_apps/ No version info General Applications. Modules that, by arbitrary decision, contain classes and functions for general tasks that are not more appropriately placed in one of the other sub-directories of the ar package.
__init__ ar/osx/ No version info The osx subpackage houses the support modules for ar that require a Macintosh operating system. Specifically, one that utilizes the Darwin kernel.
__init__ ar/win/ No version info win subpackage houses the support modules for ar that specifically require an MS Windows operating system.

This package relies on the following third-party package with great appreciation:
- Mark Hammond's win32com
__init__ os, os.path, time, tkinter ar/ '0.0.6' This is the primary module for the Arcane Rhino (ar) Package. All package level default assignments are set here.
All code written for python version: 3.x.
ak_sr os, os.path, platform, shutil, time ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.1' Alaska Salmon Run Plotting Comparison
Constructed to compare the Kenai and Kasilof runs by year. It could be used for any two rivers if presented in the same data format.
Code build around salmon run data received received from Alaskan Biologist: Patrick Shields

RC, variable, __init__, date_delimiter_acquisition, peak_comparison, plot_peak_comparision, river_data_extract, river_data_plot, river_data_plot_html_display, OBSOLETE_peak_comparison
ar_info locale, os, re, shutil, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' Houses the classes and functions that display information about the ar package. ARCommandInformation, ARObjectLocation, ARPackageInformation, ArPackageInformationGUI __init__, class_function_info, _built_in_list, command_line_write, __init__, object_example_locate, object_extraction, __init__, pkg_info_processing, __init__, ar_cmd_info, ar_pkg_info, ar_cmd_html_export, ar_pkg_html_export, _ar_information_html_table_generator, ar_ts
authenticate os.path, pickle, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/ '0.0.1' With the intention of providing as much in-situ python code as possible for the programs located in the ar package, a solution was necessary to provide code for the programs that provide convenient access of password protected websites and applications without giving everyone who peruses this code knowledge of my website accesses and passwords. So, presto, a simple little class that stores my information outside the package in a sandbox of my choosing. Its intended use is from within one's password-protected user space and, most particularly, behind a firewall.
Note: While the files saved by uses to scramble the strings it saves in order to thwart recognition by casual trespassers, IT DOES NOT ENCRYPT ANYTHING!!
Login, DCS_Login(Login) __init__, login_eval, gui_overload, __init__, gui_overload, read_login_file, write_login_file, login_dialog, gui_login_update, authentication_gui, _eval, _exit
board locale, subprocess ar/ '0.0.1' MS Windows Clipboard, OS X Pasteboard Object Module
Name difference derived from OS designation. Will only paste or copy strings.
BoardInterface, PB_Nxt get_data, set_data, __init__, next, copy_file_path, pb_ln_lst
cl ar/ No version info This module enables easy command-line access to various classes (with some direct method calls), functions, and assignments that are recursively located in the ar package. gw example_generator, __init__, __iter__, next
com pythoncom, re, time, win32com.client ar/win/ '0.0.1' Component Object Model resource general functions. guid
com_ie locale, string, time, webbrowser, win32com.client ar/win/ '0.1.1' Component Object Model (COM) resource functions for Microsoft Internet Explorer. IE, IEAccessError(Exception) _attach, _dispatch, _launch, instance_hook, close, document_connect, host_name, page_html, page_text, quit, readystate, tab_info, tab_new, tab_num, tab_select, url_check, url_get, url_get_active, url_open
com_word pythoncom, re, time, win32com.client ar/win/ '0.0.1' Component Object Model resource functions for Microsoft Word. get_wd, wd
com_xl os, shutil, time, win32com.client ar/win/ '0.0.3' Component Object Model resource functions Microsoft Excel. establish_xl_format, get_xl, macro_execute, personal_workbook_path, xl_quit, xl_simple_format, xl_to_txt_conversion, xl_to_txt_walk, xlsx_conversion, xlsx_conversion_walk, xl_create_example, excel_open_example, execute_vb_example, execute_vb_example_wb, send_to_excel_example
db os, os.path, shutil, time ar/win/ '0.0.1' Classes and functions that involve the Microsoft Access database. MultiDBProc, DatabaseProductMoveAndRename(MultiDBProc) database_product_processing, __init__, database_positioning, database_product_processing
dcs10 os, os.path, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants, tkinter.filedialog, win32com.client ar/win/ '0.0.1' DDE connectivity functions.
Default/Active target is Futuresoft's DCS10 Application.
DSC10 is called via DDE using the term: "DCSERIES"
dcs_activate, dcs_script_call_example
dde_connect dde, win32ui ar/win/ '0.0.2' DDE connectivity functions. exe_server_script
dir_sync_file_copy filecmp, locale, math, os, re, shutil, sys, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' Repository of self-rolled directory synchronization, file archiving, and file-copying classes and functions. DirectorySyncAndArchiveInitialization, DirectorySynchronization, FileSynchronization, SelectFileArchive __init__, __init__, root_file_sync, sub_directory_file_sync, __init__, _sync_files_in_directory, single_file_synchronization, directory_tree_copy2_by_file_type, _root_file_type_selection, file_archive_process, _on_demand_archive, on_demand_archive_process, _on_demand_synchronize, ds_multi, uncorrupted_file_copy2, user_default_directory_synchronization
dtm_obj time ar/ '0.0.1' Class and function implementations and abstractions of the python time module. date_to_esec, esec_date, esec_time, leading_zeros, now, time_diff, timestamp_to_esec, today, yyyymmdd_to_date
eastereggs ar/whimsy/ No version info This module, when imported, prints the commands for the various python easter eggs I have thus far discovered. It also demonstrates the use of "input" when the module is called directly.
file_proc locale, os, os.path, re, shutil, string, sys, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants, tkinter.filedialog ar/file_apps/ '0.0.6' Short for File Processes, this module houses classes and functions that involve string manipulations to files and file contents.
The objects in this module manipulate file data. Objects that merely returning unmanipulated data (generally lines based upon passed parameters), are located in the module of the ar package.
FileAppend, FindAndReplace, RE_FindAndReplace, SetLineWidth __init__, _append, _mf_append, singlefile, multifile_append_graphical_select, multifile_append_engine, __init__, _single, _multi, multi_file, single_file, __init__, single_file, multi_file, __init__, character, word, depreciated_file_lines, csv2tsv, dir_info, file_info, file_split, file_time, file_walk, last_line_locate, o2m_field_cascade, time_since_last_modification
file_srch locale, os, re, shutil, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/file_apps/ '0.1.0' The classes and functions of this module are for searching lines within a file.
Both single and multi-file searches are supported.
None of the objects in this module manipulate line or file data. Those types of objects can be found in the module:
FieldSearch, FileSearchGUI, FirstMatchReturn, MultiFileSearch, Multiline, SingleFileSearch __init__, _evaluation_methodology, field_data_evaluation, parameter_search, __init__, _find, _avoid, _mps, __init__, __init__, mf_gui, _find, _avoid, _find_mfmps_file, multiple_file_str_match, __init__, capture, exinclude, _data_set_evaluation, __init__, search_process, _parameter_evaluation_construct_save_file_name, fsmpe, fsms, multi_single_srch, psms, re_file_search, re_multi_file_search, re_group_str_rtn, rm_dup_line, spec_fld_ext, parallel_mps
gui_file tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/file_apps/ '0.0.2' A general GUI Python callable object execution platform. Objects are called by button press. PythonFileInstantiator __init__
gui_gen sys, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' A general GUI Python callable object execution platform. Objects are called by button press. PythonGeneralInstantiator ls, __init__
gz gzip, os, shutil, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.1' Uses python to gzip or gunzip directories and files.
Select gzip_dir, gunzip, gunzip_dir, __init__
lg_obj math, os, os.path, pickle, re, shutil, sys, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants, tkinter.filedialog ar/ '0.1.11' Supporting classes and functions for a GUI log object. ActivityLogs, LogPrime __init__, pickle_log_str, open_log, gui, _log_title_set, worklog, worklog, __init__, construct_new_log, directory_list, drop_down_list_file_add, drop_down_list_construct, log_line_process, log_auto_update, log_directory_validation, multiple_remarks, pickle_remarks, remote_dir_sync, reports, report_inclusive, report_month, report_formatting, settings_defaults, settings_get, settings_set, settings_gui, _exit, _save_changes, _restore, log_gui, get_input_fields, _add_to_log, _activity_initialization, _activity_termination, _clear, _dir_build, _interrupt, _multi_add, _open_log_txt, _proj_current, _proj_update, _remote_sync, _search_log, _search_todo, _action_set_from_dd, log_help
list_func locale, math, platform, string, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/ '0.1.4' List Functions:
Self-rolled objects involving lists, and function wraps around list built-ins.
It also contains a one-off string function that fit in no other module by functional use or taxonomy.
ManyToOnePivot, RemoveDuplicateElements __init__, pivot_process, write_to_file, __init__, redaction_process, return_file, return_list, gui_source_selection, _file_source, _pb_source, _exit, clean_list_from_file_lines, create_list_from_file_lines, element_comparison_return, _ele_comp, element_replace, empty_element_strip, _find_first_nonempty_element, list_compare, list_length_info, multi_substr_redact, _replace, multilist_element_recombine, non_numeric_strip, prepend_0, revise_list_to_list_of_fixedlength_sublists, sp_insrt, str_brk_len, _white_string_slice_process, yield_list, list_to_file_line, file_line_to_list
mpli math, os.path, platform, shutil, time ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.1' Matplotlib Implementations
bar_chart, line_plot
ndvao math, os, os.path, platform, shutil, time ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' NOAA Data Validation and Acquisition Objects.
The classes and functions of this module are a collection of peripherial objects written either to support data preparation for the objects of the module or to consider data integrity questions involving the daily station data files located on NOAA's Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) at "" and ICOADS data located at "".
They are a collected here to provide transparency should questions arise concerning confidence levels in the source data utilized for the mean global temperature work completed with the objects of the module.
They are also here because was getting a little too large and none of the objects herein contained provide any runtime input for the objects that actually extract, construct or plot the mean temperature data.
noaa_data_validation_file_date, DEV_comparative_tmax_tmin_counts, iurlc, station_data_tmax_tmin_line_extract
nsdmca math, os, os.path, platform, shutil, time ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.9' NOAA Station Data Mean Construction and Analysis.
The classes and functions of this module are specifically written to utilize the daily station data files located on the NOAA website at "", which is accessed from NOAA's Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN).
Many thanks to NOAA for being transparent with their source data.
The python objects rely on NOAA's YYYY.csv.gz naming convention of the data files. The python objects require Python version 3.4 for the statistics module.
Temperature extraction logic: - Unzip the NOAA source files to a directory (or directories) of your preference. - Call AverageTemperatureExtraction class and pass the directory from above. - Returned for each year are three files, one for daily temperature means, one for monthly temperature means, and one for annual temperature means. The temperature means are constructed from the daily station readings in all cases to ensure the most datapoints for the construction of the means. The files are collectively placed into appropriately named directories. - After all daily temperature means are extracted, the MeanConsolidationFromExtractedData class is executed with the default directory assignment being the parent directory of the file directories produced by the AverageTemperatureExtraction class. This consolidates the data of each temperature file produced by AverageTemperatureExtraction. It also produces a decade mean for consideration.
- All the assertions above can be validated by reviewing the provided code and/or completing the process for yourself using the code provided.
Objects imported from the ar package modules can be located at:
Data expectations and assumptions: - The NOAA data is accurately recorded and is not manipulated. - That in situ stations are consistent (ie. air-based readings, not a mix and match of air and sea. The "read me" files provided by NOAA validates that this is correct.) - Each NOAA dataset (file) contains data for only the year indicated. This is asserted by NOAA's 'readme.txt' for the annual daily data and was non-exhaustively "confirmed" through a few file spot-checks. (Note, "out of year" recordings will not affect the temperatures extracted by the AverageTemperatureExtraction class because it will only extract data lines that have the same year as the file name but it would raise some concerns about the integrity of the data as a whole.) - Each line is unique. (This was non-exhaustively "confirmed" by several file spot-checks.)

Data validation Issues: - Data is occasionally in station, not date order. (This is remedied by the "raw_data_reorder" method of the AverageTemperatureExtraction class.)
AverageTemperatureExtraction, MeanConsolidationFromExtractedData, StationMeanTemperatureExtract(AverageTemperatureExtraction) __init__, data_extraction, extraction_file_initialization, _annual_mean_process, _daily_mean_process, _monthly_mean_process, raw_data_reorder, __init__, _mean_of_mean_construction, decade_mean_construction, deviation_from_mean, extracted_mean_consolidation, global_mean_temp_cumulative_moving_average, global_mean_temp_simple_moving_average, month_year_inclusive, primary_file_plot, reading_count_plot, __init__, _station_confirmation, extract_file_name_no_suffix, post_processing_temperature_plot
osa os, os.path, re, signal, subprocess, time ar/osx/ '0.0.4' Repository for classes and functions that interface with OS X via osascript or are specific OS X system commands (e.g. say). PageScrape, Safari, SafariAccessError(Exception), XL, ExcelOSAError(Exception) osascript, applescript_codeblock_to_osascript_input_line, osascript_input_line_parse, __init__, scrape, _text_scrape, close, java_osascript, java_osascript_parse_safari, host_name, launch, osascript_input_line_parse_safari, quit, page_html, page_text, readystate, tab_new, tab_num, tab_select, url_check, url_get, url_get_active, url_open, excel_osascript_active_workbook_input, excel_osascript_active_worksheet_input, excel_osascript_input, launch, quit, run_macro, textfile_open, xl_simple_format, workbook_close, workbook_new, workbook_open, workbook_save, workbook_select, worksheet_new, worksheet_select, bell, play_sound, volume, volume_normalize
parallel_process locale, multiprocessing, os, os.path, re, time ar/ '0.0.1' Experimental Module:
Will ultimately be the centralized repository of ar ad hoc multiprocessing classes.
Currently, the efficacy of multiple python spawned processes is dubious due to some limitations of python itself.
Additional research required: Several changes afoot with Python version 3.4.
ParallelSearchProcesses(Process) multiprocessor_search_engine, __init__, search_file_spawns, search_process_spawns, temp_multiprocess_directory
path os, os.path, pickle, shutil, sys ar/ '0.0.2' file and directory path construction and deconstruction objects. default_directory_path_selection, default_directory_path_uninstall, filename_append, recursive_directory_construction, _construct_rabbithole
pdf os, os.path, pickle, subprocess, sys, time ar/file_apps/ '0.0.2' This functions of this module works in conjunction with PDFTOTEXT:
To utilize this module, the user must install and use Xpdf in accordance with its GNU General Public License (GPL).
ppro_inst platform, shutil, sys, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/ '0.0.2' Personal and Programming Instantiator:
A GUI repository to instantiates classes and functions of the ar package that are of particular and frequent use.
PPAPGI command_line_synchronization, rm_pkg_defaults, rm_shrtct, visual_announce, worklog, __init__, _single_process_gen_inst, _single_process_file_inst, _gui_inst, ar_termination, win_py_inst, win_py_term
shell_proc locale, os, re, shutil, string, subprocess, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.7' Various shell and "shell-type" classes and functions. MultiFileRename __init__, cp_rename, insitu_rename, _rename_gui, _insitu, _copy, _class_exit, active_processes, sys_prcss, extract_file_name_no_suffix, file_extract, file_list_mkdir, file_list_mv, file_list_rm, fso_swap, nfs, list_files, multifile_prefix_strip, open_file, pyc_delete, rmtree_gui, shell_cmd
sigma math, os, os.path, pickle, platform, random, shutil, statistics, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' A collection of various mathematical, scientific, and statistical functions.
Several were written before the addition of the module introduced with python 3.4.
ParameterError(Exception), Prime, RandomSample is_prime, imaginary, prime_list, __init__, complete_randomization_process, random_processing, sample_results, variable_defaults_import, variable_defaults_export, _gui, sample_parameters, _from_board, _from_file, distribution, moving_average_cumulative, moving_average_simple, sufficient_sample_size, temperature, Fahrenheit, Celsius, z_score
str_crypt string ar/ '0.0.1' The functions of this module scramble text to be unreadable without either the unscrambling function or a lot of work. They do NOT, however, utilize any encryption technology or algorithms.
Basically, I got sick of trying to manage 42 passwords at work, in addition to my primary, so created a mechanism to store them on an already secured account in a format that would be meaningless to someone who didn't already know what they were.
Like most simple locks, this keeps honest people honest. (i.e. If you are looking for encryption to beat the NSA, keep looking, this ain't it.)
scramble, element_return, element_engine, element_locate, conversion_engine, sufl
tk_encap os, time, tkinter.constants, tkinter.filedialog ar/ '0.0.2' Tkinter Encapsulate. These functions encapsulate dialog gui's from tkinter into a separate function for ease of use, return result, and/or elegant closure of tkinter. (The initial problem solved: an unclosed tkinter frame when a tkinter messagebox object was called outside of an existing frame.)
Programming Implementation Tip: Use of the module's dialog functions are unnecessary if the tkinter objects are called from within an initialized tkinter frame; this includes when called from within a function that is subsequently called from an initialized tkinter frame.
EquivalencyOperationSelection, can, InputGUI __init__, operation_selection, sel_gui, _exit, _eq, _not_eq, _gt, _lt, continue_process, confirm_action, input_gui, __init__, remarks, gui_input, _exit, _return_remarks, open_dir_path_str, open_file_path_str, open_dir_path_str_file_select, save_file_path_str, tk_message_print
voice ar/gen_apps/ No version info Voice invocation software.

__version__ = '0.0.1'
from os.path import exists
from ar import sep, user from ar.gen_apps.shell_proc import shell_cmd
WORD_ENHANCEMENT_US_WEST_COAST = [('kegels', 'kaygals')]
def espeak(phrase, enhancement_us_westcoast=True, userGespeakersettings=False):
web locale, os, os.path, re, string, subprocess, time, tkinter, tkinter.constants, urllib.error, urllib.request ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' ar package classes and functions for internet processes.
Most objects of this module require an open IE or Safari browser.
HTMLFormElementSearchTool, HTMLFormElementSendTool, Pycurl, URLCopy, WSA __init__, form_element_search_tool_osx, form_element_search_tool_win, __init__, cl_send, cl, form_element_send_tool_osx, form_element_send_tool_win, __init__, curl_retrieve, curl_retrieve_multi_url, __init__, get_url_file, multi_url_file_get, __init__, authentication_data, site_login, gui, download_complete, html_fe_tools, html_srch, html_send, page_scrape, url_obj_get
wo time ar/gen_apps/ '0.0.2' Work Out Various objects that provide sounds, beeps, or voice at appropriate intervals to provide auditory exercise indicators. Announce, AnnounceCount(Announce), VoiceAnnounceSetSupport(Announce), VoiceCountSetSupport(VoiceAnnounceSetSupport), Back, Chest, Leg volume, volume_normalize, __init__, announcement_format_selection, key_word_assignments, notification_audio, notification_visual, notification_voice, notification_voice, __init__, _announce_type, between_action_rest, extra_time, _common_rotation_code, single_exercise_set_rotation, split_exercise_rotation, _announce_type, between_exercise_pause, e, r, e, r, e, r, kegel
Last code upload to website: 2016-08-10
Current AR package version: 0.4.90
Module most recently updated: