About This Site:

In brief, this is the website I wish I'd had available to me when I learned how to program in Python 3.

I chose to learn Python about the same time as version 3.0 was released. Having no Python 2.x compatibility requirements, I decided I had the luxury to learn Python's most cutting edge version.

The experience was exceptionally positive but I quickly discovered that, while there were lots of code examples and references for Python 2, the example pool for Python 3 was relatively shallow. It has been some time since then, and there are now more examples out there, but some examples are still missing for which I have solutions. Consequently, with a desire to give something back to the Python community, I have decided to share the non-proprietary code I have written.

The Code Examples:

(The presented code is currently implemented under Python version 3.5.1 but is generally backwards compatible through version 3.3)

The code I have written is eclectic and is collected within a package that is simply named ar for my own object calling convenience. The individual modules located in the ar root package are generally the support classes and functions for the entire ar package while the various sub packages contain modules that are thematically similar.

The following links all reference the same code but have different overviews and sort orders in order to focus on different objects.

Code Example Listing by Module

This page lists of all the modules of the ar package and lists the classes and functions that can be found in each.

AR Package Commands

This page lists each class and function of the ar package along with the module wherein it resides.

AR Package Object Utilization

This page identifies each Python built-in and ar package object utilized by the ar package and lists all the modules within which the object is called.

AR Package

A .gz file of the ar package for those who wish to download it.
(If it does not download as a .gz file, right-click the link and use one of your browser download options.)

References and Resources:

The following are links to my favorite Python programming resources.

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